About Us

The Rengenerative Industry Corporation, Industrias Regenerativas S.R.L. was founded by a Rosa Iris Espinoza Barrantes, a native to the indigenous tribes of Central America. Iris’s start to sustainability and regenerative agriculture came from her and her husband, Justin Dolan’s, desire to give their children a better life in a home that was in harmony with nature. There desire to live a life that make the world a better place attracted likeminded families that settled around their homestead.

The location was named Saint Michael’s Sustainable Community because. St. Michael is mostly known as the Archangel that fights evil in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and the Baha’i Faith. However, he is also the archangel of mercy. Saint Michael the Archangel is tasked with providing nourishment for souls as well as physical bodies. He is also responsible for universal or environmental events. The earliest and most famous sanctuary to Michael in the ancient Near East was also associated with healing waters. The world we want to see is regenerative for our bodies, souls, and the environment.

The sustainable Community is home to the Permaculture Country Club that we built and operate. It is a country club like no other. Instead of using large amounts of water it produces water. Instead of only serving the rich, it serves all social economic segments. Instead of damaging the environment, it heals the environment.