Industrias Regenerativas S.R.L. 

Industrial Regenerativas S.R.L. is not about doing less harm. We are here to truly do good for the environment, our children, our shareholders, our clients, and for our collective future. We will shape a better future.

Industrias Regenerativas are the experts of sustainable design, building sustainably, and managing ecological operations.

We are experienced in building large sustainable communities, eco villages, beyond organic polyculture farms, carbon negative homes, Earthships, food forests, edible landscaping, rain water catchments systems, Earthworks, Silviopasture, energy efficiency, Waste reduction and repurposing, Living Roofs, Natural Solutions, farmaponics, Holistic Animal Management, Regenerative Agriculture, and Permaculture.

We can help you transform your property into a truly sustainable project. We can manage your projects or sell them. We also manage homes that hold sustainability and the environment in high regard.

We are not here to predict the future, we are here to build it.

We are leaders in greenroof and rain water collecting roofs. (Tomatoes grown on rooftop)

The rain water from this roof is used for the production of fish and shrimp and fish in this nearby fountain. The overflow water from the fountain provides valuable and free nutrients to the gardens behind it.